The 5 Basic Objections Copywriting Formula

The 5 Basic Objections copywriting formula will help you anticipate the most common objections, creating more powerful copy, headlines, and social media posts.

Every salesperson knows that the key to sales success is overcoming objections. As a copywriter, you can anticipate and overcome objections proactively, boosting sales and conversions with more effective, persuasive copy.

What is the 5 Basic Objections Copywriting Formula?

The 5 Basic Objections is a tool to help writers create more effective sales copy by anticipating customer objections and proactively responding to them. The five most common objections are:

1. I Don’t Have Enough Time

The person who doesn’t have time may not read your brochure or blog post, or may not click on an ad or email, simply because they feel that they are too busy to engage right now. Unfortunately, this person may never feel that they have time to engage, even when you have the perfect solution. 

2. I Don’t Have Enough Money

This person may feel that they don’t have enough money for any product or solution, or may feel that your solution is more expensive than a competitor’s. 

3. It Won’t Work for Me

The person who thinks that your solution won’t work for them may be hurting from prior failed investments, or they may think that they have special and unique needs that your product isn’t designed for. 

4. I Don’t Believe You

The reader who doesn’t believe you may be skeptical of your claims, have made previous choices that didn’t work out, or be averse to your sales approach. 

5. I Don’t Need It

As you might imagine, this person feels that they don’t need your solution and that it won’t improve their life. 

How Does the 5 Basic Objections Formula Work in Practice?

The 5 Basic Objections allow you to focus your copy and your strategy to overcome these objections.

Remember that these are simply the five most common sales objections, and your leads may have more specific objections related to your products and services.

As a copywriter, you may need to discuss objections with the sales team to find out what objections they most frequently have to overcome.

Some more specific objections might be:

  • You aren’t better than the competition
  • I don’t want to get stuck in a contract/I’m already in a contract with a competitor
  • I can’t get the rest of my team to agree to make a change

Once you have your list of objections, using the five basic objections along with any others that need to be overcome, work through them point-by-point, developing your counter-arguments.

For example:

  • I Don’t Have Enough Time:
    • Every day that goes by makes your problem worse
    • It only takes 5 minutes
    • It will save time in the long run
  • I Don’t Have Enough Money:
    • It’s more affordable than you think
    • It saves money over time
    • We offer easy payment plans
  • It Won’t Work for Me:
    • It has a warranty/guarantee
    • It’s worked for people just like you
    • It was designed with your needs in mind
  • I Don’t Believe You:
    • We’ve been in business for 50 years
    • We have worked with leading industry companies/partners
    • It has high ratings/reviews/recommendations
  • I Don’t Need It:
    • It has features/advantages you may not be aware of
    • It’s better than what you are using now
    • You have future needs to anticipate and plan for

When to Use the 5 Basic Objections Formula

Once you have identified the most common objections and your responses, begin to write copy or create content specifically around those responses.

You can use your responses to write emails, subject lines, social media posts, blog posts, ads, and other types of content targeted to convert.

For example:

  • I Don’t Have Enough Time:
    • “Is Your Problem Getting Worse Every Day?”
    • “Change Your Life in Just 5 Minutes”
    • “Our Solution Saves You 2 Hours Every Week”
  • I Don’t Have Enough Money:
    • “Our Solution Costs Less Than You Think”
    • “Our Solution is an Investment that Pays Off”
    • “We Offer Flexible Payment Options”
  • It Won’t Work for Me:
    • “Our Solution is Guaranteed”
    • “People Just Like You Love Our Solution”
    • “Our Solution was Designed for People Just Like You”
  • I Don’t Believe You:
    • “We’ve been Solving Problems for 50 Years”
    • “Our Solution is Endorsed by Industry Leaders”
    • “Our Solution has 5000+ Recommendations” 
  • I Don’t Need It:
    • “Our Solution has Unique Features that May Surprise You”
    • “Our Solution Beats the Competition”
    • “Our Solution Helps You Build a Better Future”

Use the 5 basic objections formula to create specific, targeted, effective headlines, content, and copy that directly addresses the most common objections to your product. 


Anticipating and overcoming objections is a great way to boost sales and conversions. Use the 5 Basic Objections as a tool to create more effective, more compelling copy that sells. 

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