About Pro Copy Tips

We understand the pressure of the blank page and are here to help writers and businesses who are looking to develop their copywriting skills. The key to great copy is harnessing the power of words to create emotive, informative, effective communications – that deliver results.

Sounds straightforward. It’s not.

The Pressure is On

A lot rides on getting it right. Whether you’re writing copy for your website, marketing, PR, social media or blog content, the success of your company or that of your clients, lies at your fingertips. You need to craft inspired copy that builds trust in your brand, sells, convinces, informs and converts the reader.

Oh, and don’t forget the added wow factor.

The heat is on. Expectations are high. Deadlines are looming, and your to-do list is as long as your lockdown hair.

Writing can be lonely. Only you know what is in your head and it’s not always an easy transition to get those ideas on the page in the way you want, or more importantly, in a way that works for your audience. Having worked in many a bustling, inspiration-fuelled office, I often miss being able to bounce ideas off of trusted colleagues. Working together to get the copy spot on.

How Can ProCopyTips Help Me to Improve my Copywriting Skills?

You’re always searching for fresh inspiration, just the right angle, the perfect word, that elusive edge.
We aim to bring you the benefit of experience. The highs – and how to achieve them, the lows – and how to avoid them and everything in between.

Your individuality is your superpower when writing. Be authentic and fuel your ideas with a little ProCopyTips guidance where needed. We’re here to share, inspire and signpost, rather than changing your voice or quashing your ideas.

The more you write, the more you will learn. Don’t lose your nerve because you feel your copy isn’t up to scratch. There’s a difference between finding an effective tone of voice and losing your voice in the process. Be the character that breathes life into your brand. We’re here to help you hone your craft and achieve your copy goals.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, employee, blogger or freelance writer, we’re here to give you the tips, tools, resources, and inspiration to make your copy extraordinary.

The Pro Copy Tips Team

Gemma Wright Pro Copy Tips

Gemma Wright

Twenty years ago, I walked into the fast-paced marketing department of a British bank to start my career. During my time, I worked on everything from adverts, national cause-related marketing campaigns, sponsorships and brand communications.

In 2006, I moved into public relations. Both roles required me to absorb a lot of complex information and find just the right way to explain it in a jargon-free, engaging manner – without losing the integrity of the message.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working along-side a wealth of talented people and learning a great deal about how to craft successful communications. I’m now a freelance communications consultant, having helped clients ranging from small and growing businesses across a variety of industries, including charities and financial services.

This blog is designed to share tried and tested copy tips, gleaned through experience. I invite you to join us by sharing your experiences and tips by sending us an article. The objective is to share the love of the written word for the advancement of our craft.

Jon Wright

Jon has worked in Digital Marketing for over 20 years, mainly for large enterprises. He now runs an eCommerce Agency that helps merchants build and grow their stores. He writes about SEO and CRO amongst other things.

Jon Wright

Our Contributing Writers

Rebekah Villon Copywriter

Rebekah Villon

Rebekah Villon is a professional writer and marketing consultant who specialises in strategic content for B2B communications. In her personal life, she enjoys the freedom of remote digital work while travelling, pursuing hobbies, and continuous learning.

Grant Simpson

Grant Simpson is a professional content writer with experience in SEO and B2C content. He also works as a freelance creative writer and is a published poet under the name g.c. simpson. Outside of work, he enjoys reading good books and has a cup of coffee within reach at all hours of the day.

Grant Simpson