The ACCA Copywriting Formula Explained

Although the ACCA copywriting formula may not be as famous as AIDA, PAS, or BAB, you probably encounter it more often than you realize. It’s extremely common among charities and non-profits, and is a great way to sell intangible services. 

What is the ACCA Formula?

The ACCA formula has four distinct steps: Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, and Action. Let’s look at each one in greater detail.


The Awareness stage of ACCA is focused on making the audience aware of a situation or problem that they may not know exists. 


In the Comprehension phase, help the reader understand the scope and scale of the problem. This section can be quite long and detailed, explaining various facets to the problem, along with its consequences and effects. 


Build Conviction by explaining how your solution addresses all the aspects of the problem. Explain the positive outcomes of addressing the problem once and for all. 


Direct the audience to take Action in a meaningful way. 

How Does the ACCA Formula Work in Practice?

The ACCA formula works to create greater awareness and understanding of problems that people may not realize affect them, or that they can solve. 

Here is how the ACCA copywriting formula is often used by charities and nonprofits:

  • Awareness: Did you know that every day thousands of trees die due to bear attacks?  
  • Comprehension: All around the world, bears are attacking and killing the trees that create the air we breathe. These attacks happen for no reason, because bears are killing machines. 
  • Conviction: But by building bear-proof fences, we can protect our trees from damage and death due to vengeful bears. We are working to create bear-proof barriers in all of our national forests, and working to protect trees around the world.
  • Action: For just $1 a day, you can help stop these vicious bears and ensure healthy trees and fresh air for everyone. Click here to sign up. 

The ACCA formula is also a great way to sell services or intangible solutions without specific features and attributes. Here is how the ACCA formula is often used when selling strategy or consulting services:

  • Awareness: Are you an entrepreneur struggling to grow your business? Do you work hours every day, and yet never seem to make any progress? 
  • Comprehension: Many entrepreneurs have a big vision, but get bogged down every day in managing the tiny details of running their business. They don’t have time to follow through on bigger projects, and spend all their time running from crisis to crisis. 
  • Conviction: Our solution has helped millions of entrepreneurs and small business owners organize, prioritize, and delegate, so they can spend their time where it really matters, and their business can finally grow.
  • Action: Contact us today to maximize your potential and take your business to the next level.  

When to Use the ACCA Formula

The ACCA formula is a great option when your audience is not aware that the problem exists, or how the problem affects them. It’s a great way to build empathy, educate the reader, or explain a problem with multiple seemingly unrelated pain points. The educational approach of ACCA naturally incorporates other important factors like credibility, and it effectively gains momentum and builds toward the CTA.  


Use the ACCA copywriting formula when your audience may not be aware of the nature, scope, or scale of the problem. Explain what the problem is, and how it affects them. Displaying expertise and a deep understanding of the problem builds credibility for your solution and helps build the conviction that leads to action. 

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