The AICPBSAWN Copywriting Formula Explained

Many of our favorite copywriting formulas have a simple acronym or catchy name to make them memorable. While AICPBSAWN doesn’t roll nicely off the tongue, it’s a great formula for copy that really converts. If you are experiencing a lot of abandoned carts, low dwell times, or if you simply need to write more effective landing pages, consider AICPBSAWN.

What is the AICPBSAWN Copywriting Formula?

THE AICPBSAWN copywriting formula is a comprehensive formula that combines all the most important and powerful writing techniques to boost sales. It may seem long, but every step reinforces and augments the others to make the most persuasive copy. Here are the components of the AICPBSAWN formula:


Capture the reader’s attention. This can be done with a compelling headline, question, or claim. It’s also a great place to introduce your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). 


  • What if you never had another headache in your life?
  • Introducing the world’s fastest internet service
  • Are you missing out on an extra $100 every week?


Interest should follow up on the headline and provide a reason to keep reading. 


  • This product eliminates headaches for 99% of users. 
  • Our new internet service has faster download speeds than any other residential service in the world
  • Ordinary men and women can earn $100 a week in just a few minutes of time


Credibility provides a reason why the reader should believe your claims. Credibility is usually demonstrated by experience and credentials, facts and research, or other expertise. 


  • Our headache cure was developed by doctors working in top university hospitals
  • Engineers at Google, Microsoft, and other leading tech companies have created a new internet service
  • As seen in the New York Times, this is a proven money-making opportunity


Prove your claims. Once you have established credibility, prove the claims stated in your headline. This can be done with facts and research, testimonials and evidence, or other logical evidence.


  • See these testimonials from lifelong headache sufferers who have been completely cured
  • Our internet speeds have been independently tested and proven by professional technicians
  • These real bank records show that we’ve paid out thousands of dollars this month alone


List all the additional benefits of your product or solution. These benefits support and augment the primary claim you have proven above. 


  • This headache cure is simple, pain-free, and available in retailers near you
  • Our internet service is easy to install, available everywhere, and incredibly reliable
  • People are making money in just minutes, with no special skills or qualifications, and no job application


Creating a sense of scarcity is a powerful motivator and boosts conversions. You can create a sense of scarcity by indicating limitations or restrictions. 


  • This headache cure is only available for a limited time
  • The first 100 people who sign up for our internet service are eligible for a discount
  • We can only accept 10 applicants from your area


Indicate how the reader should take action in order to gain the benefits. 


  • Fill out this form to order the headache cure
  • Create an account to sign up for internet service
  • Call our local hotline for more information 


Warning is another powerful motivational technique. Indicate the negative consequences of inaction. 


  • You may experience headaches for years unless you act now
  • Not switching means years of lag in your favorite games, long loading times in your favorite videos, and lost productivity when working from home
  • Once we have filled the positions, there will be no more easy money-making opportunities in your area


Also known as “urgency”, now reinforces your call to action and warning by emphasizing that the reader needs to take action now. 


  • Click below to order now
  • Sign up today for the internet service
  • Call now to find out if you qualify

How Does the AICPBSAWN Copywriting Formula Work in Practice?

AICPBSAWN creates a complete sequence of the most effective sales and persuasive writing techniques, where each component builds on the one before. It’s a true copywriting formula, in that it is designed to complement and augment itself, rather than indicating techniques that can be used in any order. 

Because each component of AICPBSAWN reinforces what came before and anticipates what comes after, it builds a progressively more compelling argument and increases the reader’s engagement. Done correctly, every lead generated by AICPBSAWN is highly qualified and highly motivated, and therefore more valuable and likely to convert. 

When to Use the AICPBSAWN Copywriting Formula

While AICPBSAWN has a lot of steps, it is a natural fit for longer-form content like sales brochures and letters. However, it is an excellent copywriting formula for web pages, and especially effective on high-converting landing pages. 

Remember that not every step in AICPBSAWN requires a lot of copy. Depending upon your offer, certain components like Attention, Scarcity, and Warn may be quite short, while you may want to expand Credibility, Benefits, or Prove sections to emphasize the value of your solution. While every step is important, the length of detail and emphasis in every step should be customized for your audience and your offer.  


If you want a comprehensive copywriting formula that generates highly qualified leads, consider the AICPBSAWN formula. It may be a bit cumbersome to remember, but it generates unforgettable copy. 

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