The AIDPPC Copywriting Formula Explained

If you need a copywriting formula that is proven to increase sales and conversions, consider the AIDPPC formula. Invented by marketing copywriting master Robert Collier, AIDPPC can form the foundation for your sales copy, and for your entire sales strategy. 

What is the AIDPPC Formula?

AIDPPC stands for Attention, Interest, Description, Persuasion, Proof, and Close. AIDPPC is closely related to the AIDA formula, but offers more detail and logical reasons to motivate a purchase decision. It’s a step-by-step formula for overcoming objections and increasing sales. Let’s look at each step individually. 


Like AIDA, this formula begins with quickly grabbing the attention of the reader. This can mean a strong headline or subject line, a bold value proposition, or your most exciting offer. Stand out and get their attention.


Again, as in AIDA, use this section to pique the reader’s curiosity or offer them something of value. Give your audience a reason to keep reading. 


Use this section to describe the problem and the solution you are offering. You can describe your product or service, how it works, and how it benefits the customer. 


Provide additional persuasive copy that overcomes objections. You may compare your product to the competition, answer frequently asked questions, or offer added value.


Proof is important for establishing your credibility and demonstrating that customers can trust you. Proof can take the form of reviews and testimonials, company history and track record, demonstrations, endorsements, scientific studies, etc. 


As always, it’s important to close with a strong call to action. Tell the reader exactly what they should do now in order to get the value you offer. 

How Does the AIDPPC Formula Work in Practice?

The AIDPPC formula works by guiding the reader all the way through the sales funnel in a single piece of copy. It intrigues the reader, explains your solution, overcomes objections, builds credibility, and motivates action. Instead of encouraging the reader to do something in order to learn more, it tells them everything they need to know, in a single compelling story. 

Here’s an example of one of Robert Collier’s favorite sales letters that uses the AIDPPC formula:

Dear Neighbor:

With your permission, I am going to make an analysis of the soil of your lawn to determine – at my own risk and expense – what elements are lacking in it, and what you need for stronger, healthier, more closely grown turf.

Mind you, this will not cost you a penny or obligate you in any way. I am going to make this analysis just to show you how little is needed to correct the texture of your soil and make possible the growing of rich, thick grass.

You see, soil gets acid or alkaline such as your body does. Let your body become too acid and the results are quickly apparent in sallow skin, eruptions, disease. Let the soil of your lawn become too acid and the grass on it will quickly grow sallow, faded, full of weeds and noxious growths. But that condition can be quickly corrected – the missing elements easily added – once you have determined what the trouble is.

Will you let us make a chemical analysis of the soil in your lawn – and send you a report of it – WITHOUT COST OR OBLIGATION TO YOU? John Smith of Jamestown, VA, wrote us:

“I should never have believed it possible that so slight a changing of the treatment of the soil could so quickly rebuild and re-establish a lawn. Your analysis showed us how to work wonders with our place.”

Just your name on the enclosed card will bring you a FREE chemical analysis of your soil condition, with clear directions as to just what elements are needed to supply anything now lacking. A similar analysis from any chemist would cost several dollars.

Analysis will be made in the order in which requests are received, so if you would like to get your orders quickly, please mail your card NOW or telephone.

The AIDA formula is a great option for short-form copy with a strong CTA. However, AIDA doesn’t always work by itself to drive conversions and show the complete value proposition of your product or service. If your AIDA copywriting is performing well at generating initial response and traffic, but falling down at sales and conversions, try AIDPPC, which makes a stronger, more detailed sales pitch than AIDA. 

If you’re interested in this copywriting formula you may want to check out our post ‘A Copywriter’s Guide to the Best Copywriting Formulas’ which contains an extensive list of all the best formulas.

When to Use the AIDPPC Formula

The AIDPPC formula is best when you need copy that converts by itself, without clicking to other web pages, having prior product or brand familiarity, or relying on other closing methods. In cold sales emails, print brochures, pitch decks, or other sales and marketing collateral where you have a single chance to get the reader’s attention and sell your product, AIDPPC is a great choice. 


AIDPPC is a classic copywriting formula for effective sales. It builds desire, overcomes objections, proves credibility, and motivates action. Try this iconic formula in your next sales letter or brochure. 

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