Et al vs. Et als vs. Et al’s – Which is Correct?

“Et al” is the correct spelling and is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase et alia meaning “and others”. Whilst you can use et al’s in certain situations, it cannot be pluralized by adding “-s” since it is already a plural noun. Et al is relatively common in formal writing but you may see it … Read more

Should I use “Translate To” or “Translate Into”

Technically speaking, both “translate to” and “translate into” are grammatically correct. However, you’re far more likely to hear a native speaker use “translate into” than “translate to”. This largely comes down to the nature of the verb and the prepositions but, at the end of the day, you can use both. English prepositions are words … Read more

Quality of Lives or Qualities of Life

Most of us have heard of the phrase “quality of life”, it’s commonly used in medical or legal terminology and increasingly in daily life when attempting to measure general happiness and wellbeing. When it comes to phrasal nouns, though, it can sometimes be difficult knowing how to pluralize them. Is it “qualities of life” or … Read more

“Send to Me” or “Send Me” – Which is Right?

Prepositions can be one of the hardest grammar points to wrap your head around, but a preposition is simply a word that indicates when or where something is, such as; under, over, after, before, in, on, out, etc. Sounds fairly straightforward, right? True. However, prepositions are often overly specific to certain verbs or can be omitted entirely. For instance, … Read more

A Copywriter’s Guide to the Best Copywriting Formulas

copywriting formulas

Where to Start? There are many copywriting formulas out there all claiming to elevate your copy, sell, convert and make your copy catnip to any reader, driving them straight to your perfectly crafted CTA (call to action) but which formula should you choose and why? Maybe you already have one or two go-to formulas that … Read more

Email Copywriting Best Practice – How to Create Copy That Converts

email copywriting

Email is still a key marketing tool that delivers your message straight to the customer and allows you to convert that message into sales success. Email marketing campaigns, when well executed, deliver results. In 2019, active email accounts surpassed 5.6 billion (source Statista) and according to figures in 2018 from SaleCycle, 59% of respondents say marketing emails influence their purchase … Read more

How To Write a Mission Statement that Resonates and Inspires

Writing a compelling mission statement for a business is about far more than just vanity. Mission statements, when written well, set out your stall. They are there to communicate the reason that a business exists. Mission statements should clearly and concisely outline the aims, culture, values and ethics that drive *who* that business is. It … Read more

Direct Mail – Trash or Treasure?

Direct Mail

Direct mail has gained something of a bad reputation over the years, as it’s often perceived as annoying and outdated junk mail. The rapid growth in email marketing as a direct, easily measurable modern alternative, left many of us wondering if direct mail now was a thing of the past? So has direct mail lost … Read more

How to Write Headlines That Sell

How to Write Headlines

In this article, I’ll explain the importance of a strong, compelling headline, and how to write headlines that sell. Whatever medium you are writing headlines for, the primary objective is to attract the reader. Headlines are important. They are your opening pitch, with the ability to attract, repel, or simply go unnoticed. A powerful headline … Read more