Intelligent Redundancy – When Redundant Words Make Copy Powerful

The first rule drilled into our heads when learning proper writing etiquette is avoiding redundant words. However, in the field of copywriting, redundancy can make your copy more powerful. Intelligent Repetition and Redundancy Repetition and redundancy both involve repeating words, but do so in different ways and to different effects. Repetition restates a word or … Read more

Imperative Sentences – Using Commanding Language in Your Copy

The goal of any good piece of copy is to engage the audience and provoke an intended response. Imperative sentences are a useful tool that maximizes the odds of audience response. But what are imperative sentences? And how can you correctly implement them into your copy? Defining Imperative Sentences An imperative sentence conveys instructions or … Read more

How to Write a Fundraising Letter

I’ve worked with many charities over the years ranging from animal protection to child welfare, and sight and hearing loss. Each charity has its fundraising challenges, but all have the same goal – to engage donors with their stories and campaigns and hit their fundraising targets. This is vital to their work as without funding … Read more

Top 10 Copywriting Skills You Need to be Successful

A good copywriter isn’t simply a good writer. The copywriting skills required to truly excel run far beyond eloquence and good grammar.  In this article, I’ll look at the top 10 copywriting; skills, instincts and attributes I think you need to be successful.  What Are Copywriters? What Do They Do? The definition of a copywriter … Read more

Why Good Copy Goes Bad

Copywriting can be a tough gig. When it works – it’s great. All is going well, you’re getting the desired results, confidence is high and all boxes are ticked. Hurrah! Then you submit another piece of work that, for whatever reason, simply doesn’t hit the spot. Is it you? Did you wake up this morning … Read more

Hard Sell vs Soft Sell: Which Should I Use?

Firstly, I’ll try and explain the difference between hard sell vs soft sell. I will then show you how and when it can be used to your advantage in advertising and copywriting. What is a hard sell in advertising? A hard sell uses direct language and often creates a sense of urgency to attract attention … Read more

Energize Your Creativity with Our Top 10 Tips

Believe it or not, we’re all creative in our own unique way. Some people are naturally creative, some develop their creativity through necessity and effort, and others just need to find a way to unlock it. When it comes to writing successful copy, you need to harness your creativity. This will help you to create … Read more

Double Your Reading Speed – Stop Subvocalizing

As a writer, you must have an intimate understanding of your subject and one of the best ways to achieve this is through research. One way to enhance your research skills is to increase your reading speed. In this guide, we’ll look at subvocalization and the effect it has on your reading speed.  By understanding … Read more