Freelance Copywriting Fees – What and How to Charge

freelance copywriting fees

If you’re struggling to set the correct freelance copywriting fees for you, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll look at different pricing methods, copywriting rates, and other pricing considerations to help you decide on your own copywriting fees. Pricing your work is one of the most difficult steps in any freelancer’s path towards … Read more

Hidden Emotional Motivators That Make People Buy

Emotional Motivators

People buy a product or a service for two reasons, logic & emotion. Tapping into the latter of these, hidden emotional motivators, is key in creating copy that sells. When people buy a car, they undoubtedly have a logical reason behind needing a car. It will get them from point A to point B. But … Read more

Design Concepts Every Copywriter Should Know

Design Concepts

Whether you are a freelance copywriter working with a designer or a blogger doing everything yourself, understanding some basic design concepts will elevate your copy. However good your content, good design is crucial for it to work whether that be for print or the web. Proximity Proximity argues that designers should group visually similar or … Read more

Write A Guarantee to Boost Your Sales

Write a Guarantee

A guarantee builds customer trust and lends credibility to your company. But how do you actually write a guarantee that works? Most people think guarantee policies are just more complicated refund policies. It can be a frightening undertaking for a business, but the benefit gained from a guarantee far outweighs the risk involved. Let’s go … Read more