The ACCA Copywriting Formula Explained

Although the ACCA copywriting formula may not be as famous as AIDA, PAS, or BAB, you probably encounter it more often than you realize. It’s extremely common among charities and non-profits, and is a great way to sell intangible services.  What is the ACCA Formula? The ACCA formula has four distinct steps: Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, … Read more

The 5 Basic Objections Copywriting Formula

The 5 Basic Objections copywriting formula will help you anticipate the most common objections, creating more powerful copy, headlines, and social media posts. Every salesperson knows that the key to sales success is overcoming objections. As a copywriter, you can anticipate and overcome objections proactively, boosting sales and conversions with more effective, persuasive copy. What … Read more

The A FOREST Copywriting Formula

The A FOREST copywriting formula is a mnemonic device for writing effective and persuasive copy. It uses techniques from classic English literature that have created some of the most enduring sentences and stories of all time. It’s a fantastic technique for copywriters with an education in literature, and for brands that want to tell the … Read more

The 6+1 Copywriting Formula Explained

The 6+1 copywriting formula was invented by entrepreneur and marketer Danny Iny. He had been using the AIDA formula, and found it was only effective in certain situations. Something was missing. The 6+1 formula adds what AIDA lacks, making it a very powerful copywriting formula.  What is the 6+1 Copywriting Formula? The 6+1 copywriting formula … Read more

The Approach Copywriting Formula Explained

The Approach copywriting formula is a detailed, meticulous formula that carefully builds the writer’s argument. Because of the level of detail and explanation, it’s not used as often as more versatile, all-purpose copywriting formulas. But it is highly persuasive, and can be used to convince people who are reluctant or skeptical of your claims. Let’s … Read more

Medium vs Substack – For Freelance Writers

Medium vs Substack

Chances are, many of your favorite online writers are using a blogging platform like Medium or Substack to make money from their writing. There are a variety of blogging platforms that don’t directly pay writers for their work, but instead use revenue-sharing models that allow writers to get paid for views, clicks, subscribers, etc. These … Read more

The OATH Copywriting Formula Explained

Most copywriting formulas are focused on moving prospects further along the sales funnel, persuading them to purchase your solution or take your desired action. But what about people who aren’t in your funnel at all? What about readers who not only aren’t interested in your solution, but aren’t even aware that they have a problem?  … Read more

The 4 U’s Copywriting Formula

The 4 U’s is more than a copywriting formula. It’s an incredibly useful checklist for writing strong copy for almost any application. It’s a powerful, versatile copywriting formula that all writers should have in their tool kit. What is the 4 U’s Formula? The 4 U’s copywriting formula was developed by entrepreneur Michael Masterson, and … Read more

The FAB Formula Explained

The FAB formula is one of the most powerful copywriting formulas for selling a product or service. Along with the AIDA formula, it’s one of the most frequently used formulas in sales and marketing, because it is so effective and useful in so many sales applications.  What is the FAB Formula? The FAB formula stands … Read more

The 3 Whys Explained

As part of our ongoing series on copywriting formulas, today I’m explaining the 3 Whys formula. However, the 3 Whys are so much more than a powerful formula for creating compelling copy. The 3 Whys are also a great tool for exploring strategy, defining goals and focus, and finding the meaning behind your work. The … Read more