The AIDPPC Copywriting Formula Explained

If you need a copywriting formula that is proven to increase sales and conversions, consider the AIDPPC formula. Invented by marketing copywriting master Robert Collier, AIDPPC can form the foundation for your sales copy, and for your entire sales strategy.  What is the AIDPPC Formula? AIDPPC stands for Attention, Interest, Description, Persuasion, Proof, and Close. … Read more

The BAB Formula Explained (Before – After – Bridge)

Before After Bridge Formula

Copywriting formulas are a great way to deliver powerful copy with proven effectiveness in less time. Instead of reinventing the wheel for each campaign, you can simply choose the right formula for your copy, and then modify it for your client, their product, and their customer. The BAB (before, after, bridge) formula is a great … Read more

The Star-Story-Solution Copywriting Formula for Sales Success

Star Story Solution

The star-story-solution formula is an incredibly effective technique for sales and lead generation. In fact it’s so effective that, once you know it, you’ll recognize it everywhere. Here’s a guide to using the star-story-solution formula for high-converting copy.  What is the Star-Story-Solution Formula? The star-story-solution formula introduces a compelling character, grabs the reader with a … Read more

Effective Copy Strategy – Our 7 Step Guide

Copy Strategy

Every professional writer seeks to master the craft of writing effective copy that clearly communicates your message. But sometimes writing needs to do more than communicate: it needs to convert. When writing for marketing and advertising, the copy strategy helps guide writing that drives leads and sales. Here are my steps to developing an effective … Read more

Writing Mechanics: The Blueprint to Effective Writing

writing mechanics

You may have the best content ideas, and understand all the principles of effective writing, but none of it makes a difference if you don’t know how to put a sentence together. Writing mechanics are the fundamental tools and structures of writing, and without them a reader won’t understand your writing, let alone be persuaded … Read more

How to Differentiate Yourself as a Freelance Writer

How to Differentiate Yourself as a Freelance Writer

Successful freelance writing is about more than the ability to write, or your command of a language. Writing platforms, content mills, and job boards are full of writers, and there is stiff competition for almost all decent writing jobs. If you want to get better opportunities, work with better clients, and earn more money as … Read more

Business Tips for Freelance Writers

Business Tips for Freelance Writers

Being a freelance copywriter is primarily about doing the work: writing every day. However, being a successful freelance writer is also about being a good small business owner. You need the same skills and tools to manage a writing business just like any other. Many freelance writers have the writing skills and creativity to be … Read more

Writing Conventions for the Web – The Complete Guide

Writing Conventions for the Web

Global demand for web content has created endless opportunities for freelance writers. Every enterprise needs a website, and every business needs visibility in search engines, so there is a huge demand for effective web copywriting. If you have a background in creative writing, journalism, or advertising, it’s not difficult to learn how to write for … Read more

Writing Sprints: The Race to Great Copy is On!

writing sprints

Whether you are a creative writer or a copywriter, whether you are just starting out or have been a pro for years, there are times when your productivity plummets. It seems like hour after hour goes by, and somehow there still aren’t any words on the page. No matter what’s causing your slump, writing sprints … Read more