Effective Copy Strategy – Our 7 Step Guide

Copy Strategy

Every professional writer seeks to master the craft of writing effective copy that clearly communicates your message. But sometimes writing needs to do more than communicate: it needs to convert. When writing for marketing and advertising, the copy strategy helps guide writing that drives leads and sales. Here are my steps to developing an effective … Read more

Copywriting Checklist – Our 10 Step Guide to Great Copy

copywriting checklist

Beginning a new copywriting project can feel daunting. I always get excited by the opportunity of trying new approaches or ideas, but end up overwhelmed by the number of possibilities. Having a copywriting checklist to follow can take a lot of pressure off your shoulders during the writing process. What is a Copywriting Checklist? A … Read more

Writing Mechanics: The Blueprint to Effective Writing

writing mechanics

You may have the best content ideas, and understand all the principles of effective writing, but none of it makes a difference if you don’t know how to put a sentence together. Writing mechanics are the fundamental tools and structures of writing, and without them a reader won’t understand your writing, let alone be persuaded … Read more

Writing Conventions for the Web – The Complete Guide

Writing Conventions for the Web

Global demand for web content has created endless opportunities for freelance writers. Every enterprise needs a website, and every business needs visibility in search engines, so there is a huge demand for effective web copywriting. If you have a background in creative writing, journalism, or advertising, it’s not difficult to learn how to write for … Read more

Writing Conventions – Giving Your Content Clarity

writing conventions

Even if they’ve never heard of the term, most people have used writing conventions before. This is doubly true in the case of people who make a living, such as freelance copywriters. I’ll provide a brief overview of writing conventions in this post and explain why they are so important to the writing process. What … Read more

10 Effective Hook Examples for Compelling Copy

hook examples

Do you want to double your conversions with a single, simple trick that takes only 5 minutes to learn? Yeah, me too. I can’t give you any guarantees, but I can provide some advice on crafting effective hooks and some hook examples. What is a Copywriting Hook? A copywriting hook is usually the introductory sentence … Read more

Email Copywriting Best Practice – How to Create Copy That Converts

email copywriting

Email is still a key marketing tool that delivers your message straight to the customer and allows you to convert that message into sales success. Email marketing campaigns, when well executed, deliver results. In 2019, active email accounts surpassed 5.6 billion (source Statista) and according to figures in 2018 from SaleCycle, 59% of respondents say marketing emails influence their purchase … Read more

Writing Sprints: The Race to Great Copy is On!

writing sprints

Whether you are a creative writer or a copywriter, whether you are just starting out or have been a pro for years, there are times when your productivity plummets. It seems like hour after hour goes by, and somehow there still aren’t any words on the page. No matter what’s causing your slump, writing sprints … Read more

Skeleton Outline – A Copywriter’s Guide

skeleton outline

Skeleton outlines (or skeleton drafts) are an important tool for beginner and pro freelancers. Despite their spooky name, they are easy to use and improve your writing speed, efficiency, and structure. What is a Skeleton Outline? The key to understanding skeleton outlines lies in the name. It helps you construct the skeleton of your post … Read more