The BAB Formula Explained (Before – After – Bridge)

Before After Bridge Formula

Copywriting formulas are a great way to deliver powerful copy with proven effectiveness in less time. Instead of reinventing the wheel for each campaign, you can simply choose the right formula for your copy, and then modify it for your client, their product, and their customer. The BAB (before, after, bridge) formula is a great … Read more

The Star-Story-Solution Copywriting Formula for Sales Success

Star Story Solution

The star-story-solution formula is an incredibly effective technique for sales and lead generation. In fact it’s so effective that, once you know it, you’ll recognize it everywhere. Here’s a guide to using the star-story-solution formula for high-converting copy.  What is the Star-Story-Solution Formula? The star-story-solution formula introduces a compelling character, grabs the reader with a … Read more