Medium vs Substack – For Freelance Writers

Medium vs Substack

Chances are, many of your favorite online writers are using a blogging platform like Medium or Substack to make money from their writing. There are a variety of blogging platforms that don’t directly pay writers for their work, but instead use revenue-sharing models that allow writers to get paid for views, clicks, subscribers, etc. These … Read more

Awesome Places to Find Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

Find Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

It can be tough and time consuming to find paid freelance writing jobs, particuarly when you’re starting out. So I’ve pulled together a list of the best job boards, agencies, websites etc. to help you out. I’ve tried to cover a range of places where you’ll find freelance writing work at different price points, from … Read more

How to Differentiate Yourself as a Freelance Writer

How to Differentiate Yourself as a Freelance Writer

Successful freelance writing is about more than the ability to write, or your command of a language. Writing platforms, content mills, and job boards are full of writers, and there is stiff competition for almost all decent writing jobs. If you want to get better opportunities, work with better clients, and earn more money as … Read more

Business Tips for Freelance Writers

Business Tips for Freelance Writers

Being a freelance copywriter is primarily about doing the work: writing every day. However, being a successful freelance writer is also about being a good small business owner. You need the same skills and tools to manage a writing business just like any other. Many freelance writers have the writing skills and creativity to be … Read more

How to Find Freelance Writing Clients

Find Freelance Writing Clients

Finding clients is a constant struggle for freelance copywriters. It’s part of the burden we take on as both employees and managers of our own independent businesses. If you aren’t spending just as much, or more, time marketing your business as you are writing, you’ll quickly find your project pool drying up. However, there are … Read more

Sell a Copywriting Service Not a Product

Ever wondered why some freelance writers can charge $1,000 for writing a 1,000-word blog post whilst others can only charge $30? It’s because they are selling a copywriting service, not a product. Sure at the very low-end price-wise, you’re going to get poor grammar, poor flow, awkward construction, etc., but no one is going to … Read more

Freelance Copywriting Fees – What and How to Charge

freelance copywriting fees

If you’re struggling to set the correct freelance copywriting fees for you, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll look at different pricing methods, copywriting rates, and other pricing considerations to help you decide on your own copywriting fees. Pricing your work is one of the most difficult steps in any freelancer’s path towards … Read more

How to Track Your Copywriting Projects

Copywriting Project Tracking

Staying organized is an essential skill for any freelancer, and especially so for freelance writers. Many copywriting projects have multiple phases and rounds of review, and each milestone can have an associated deadline and discussion… tracking it all can be a challenge. Successful freelancing requires nearly as much project management as it does writing, so … Read more