How to Track Your Copywriting Projects

Copywriting Project Tracking

Staying organized is an essential skill for any freelancer, and especially so for freelance writers. Many copywriting projects have multiple phases and rounds of review, and each milestone can have an associated deadline and discussion… tracking it all can be a challenge. Successful freelancing requires nearly as much project management as it does writing, so … Read more

How to Write a Fundraising Letter

I’ve worked with many charities over the years ranging from animal protection to child welfare, and sight and hearing loss. Each charity has its fundraising challenges, but all have the same goal – to engage donors with their stories and campaigns and hit their fundraising targets. This is vital to their work as without funding … Read more

Double Your Reading Speed – Stop Subvocalizing

As a writer, you must have an intimate understanding of your subject and one of the best ways to achieve this is through research. One way to enhance your research skills is to increase your reading speed. In this guide, we’ll look at subvocalization and the effect it has on your reading speed.  By understanding … Read more

How to Brief a Copywriter

Working with freelance content writers can be a challenge. But I’m going to show you how to brief a copywriter and give you a free briefing template. Often what seems like a simple, straightforward writing project can be mired down in delays and revisions, and it can take forever to get the finished piece you’re … Read more

How to Write a 30-second TV Commercial Script

With a TV commercial script, you have to make every word count. Use our free template and the guide below to create yours. Nobody will want to hang around and watch an advert on the TV if it isn’t engaging or interesting in some way. Think about the TV adverts that you remember. What did … Read more

ASAP Copywriting Deadlines: How to Manage a Last-Minute Request

Whether you are a freelance writer or a staff writer, you will eventually encounter the short-notice, last-minute, urgent copywriting deadline request. Handling these situations gracefully can make all the difference between establishing yourself as a professional, or falling apart like an amateur. Here are some key strategies for managing ASAP client requests. Don’t Panic When … Read more

Psychology for Writers: How to Create Copy that Sells

Even when you aren’t directly selling a product, the job of most professional copywriters is to persuade. There are a lot of tips and tricks to persuasive writing, and an understanding of some basic psychology will help you write copy that is more engaging, and more effective. What is Persuasive Copywriting? The truth is, virtually … Read more

How to Write a Radio Advert

Trying out a new style of writing can be intimidating but a radio advert usually follows a simple script and there are several principles you can stick to for a high conversion rate every time. While you don’t necessarily want to follow a strict template, some general guidelines can help you figure out how to … Read more

How to Write an Engaging Internal Company Newsletter

At first glance, writing an internal company newsletter may seem like a daunting task. It may seem strange to write for a “captive” audience, and you may not be sure what topics to include. However, an internal company newsletter is very similar to any other email marketing campaign and follows all the same principles. Here … Read more

How to Write a Sales Letter and Make it Persuasive

Introduction If you strive to be a more versatile copywriter then learning how to write a persuasive sales letter is a must. Whether you’re writing a sales letter to a customer or business, for it to be effective, then it must follow a format. In this guide, we’ll look at the best sales letter format … Read more