Copywriting Resources

We’ll keep adding to this page as we add more reviews about the different copywriting resources that we think are useful for copywriters, content writers, bloggers etc.

Language and Grammar


Probably the best-known grammar checker out there.

Hemingway Editor

Can pick up some things that Grammarly misses.

SEO Tools

Keyword Research

Answer The Public

Very handy. Comes in a free and pro version. Input a keyword and it will generate loads of questions that people have searched for containing that term.

Google Keyword Planner

It’s free, but you need an AdWords account to access it. Useful and the data is coming from the ‘horse’s mouth’ but limited info.


The SEO professionals choice (along with SEMRush). Arguably the best SEO tool out there for doing keyword research. It’s the one I use.


Another well-known SEO tool. SEMRush & Ahrefs are the two market leaders in the SEO tool space. Both are good, I personally prefer Ahrefs but both have some unique features that might suit you. So try both and then make your decision.


A well-regarded SEO research tool, not as good as Ahrefs or SEMRush IMO but it is 1/3 of the price and I definitely say takes 3rd place amongst the paid tools and I much prefer it to UberSuggest (which is a similar price).

Keyword Surfer

This is a free Chrome Extension and handy for a quick view of search volumes on specific keywords you enter into Chrome.

Keywords Everywhere

This is a paid service but very cheap. You buy credits e.g. $10 for 100,000 searches. So no ongoing monthly cost and 100,000 searches will last most people many months. It also plugs-in to services such as Answer the Public & KeyWordShitter to provide search volumes for their output. Very handy.


Another free one, but the same company offers other paid-for tools. Enter a keyword or two and it just spits out related words, 1,000’s of them if you just let it run.

Moz Bar

Also free, you don’t need a Moz paid plan to use it. It’s a Chrome Extension that provides high-level stats for all the sites that appear on the Google search page you are looking at. Very handy to see how strong the competition is for a given keyword/keyphrase.

Rank Tracking

A number of the paid SEO research tools above have rank tracking built-in but a dedicated tool often has more specific functionality and can work out cheaper. If you run your own blog/s or have a close relationship with a client where you are helping them rank better through improving their content etc. Rank Tracking can be a very handy tool in your arsenal.


This is a relatively new one on the rank tracking scene but it’s good and they are rapidly building out more features to quickly catch up with NightWatch.


A more established player than SERPWatch, with more functionality e.g., backlink analysis. I’d go for whichever one works out cheapest for you (which depends on how many keywords you want to track).


The cheapest and most basic of rank trackers included here but gets the job done.

Google Search Console

You need to be the site owner or authorized by the site owner to see a site’s stats with GSC and for some, the data in there is enough but for actual rank tracking for individual keywords, it doesn’t replace one of the above rank trackers.

AI Content Assistants

Artificial intelligence content optimization tools have been around for a little while now and are getting better by the day. Each takes a slightly different approach to the other in terms of how they generate their recommendations. Used right, they can greatly speed up the content briefing stage, the content writing stage and improve the SEO optimization of your content.

Frase Content is fairly new to the market and new features and enhancements are getting added all the time. I use it myself, a lot, and I have written a comprehensive Frase Review so you can see what it’s all about.


Was squarely aimed at Enterprise clients, with prices to match, but with the likes of Frase entering the market with non-enterprise level pricing MarketMuse has followed suit. The underlying philosophy as to how they generate their results is very different from Frase, both have their pros and cons depending on exactly what you are trying to achieve.


In terms of pricing, SurferSEO sits somewhere in between Frase and MarketMuse. Again, it has its pros and cons compared to the others so it’s another one to check out to see if it’s the best option for you.

Plagiarism Checkers

Grammarly Pro

Not only does Grammarly check your grammar as mentioned above, but Grammarly Pro also performs plagiarism checks.


Cheaper than Grammarly Pro (a little) and used a lot by teachers etc.


CopyScape has a free and a premium version. It claims to be the most popular & powerful plagiarism checker on the market.


All content writers and bloggers need images to add to their articles. All the ones below offer free images without restrictions on use.





Kaboom Pics


Stock Snap