Using Paraphrasing Tools to Improve your Copywriting

Copywriting is basically the art of persuasion. A copywriter has to create content for advertisements to make them more interesting and convincing. It is one of the most important techniques used in marketing and advertising to increase conversions.

It is not limited to just advertisements. Blog posts, emails, and other forms of content that are used to increase exposure and create brand awareness also use copywriting.
They are written in an enticing manner so that the reader becomes interested and engages with the content favorably.

Well-written copy can convince the reader to act upon the CTAs (Call to Action) present in the content.

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is the act of writing some text with different words and phrases while keeping the meaning unchanged. It is used by writers to improve their copy.

Through paraphrasing, the quality of your copy can be drastically improved. It is usually used during the editing process.

As we all know, the first draft has plenty of mistakes and there is a lot of room for improvement. Once proofreading is complete and all the issues are identified, authors start editing to remove and rectify them.

Paraphrasing is typically used to make writing clear, reduce redundancy, and make the content unique.

Nowadays, paraphrasing tools can be used to rewrite content artificially. This is an immense boon for writers as they can save themselves quite a lot of time and effort.

How do Paraphrase Tools Help to Improve Copywriting?

Copywriters have very large workloads. That is because digital marketing and advertising are very popular. Digital marketing has largely replaced traditional marketing because it has the potential to reach an incomparably large audience.

Paraphrasing tools allow copywriters to improve their copy using less time and effort. This allows them to meet their deadlines and efficiently reduce the workload burden on themselves.

Here are five ways in which paraphrase tools improve copy.

1. Paraphrase Tool Suggest Better Words

When you have to write a lot of copy, chances are you will start reusing similar words, expressions, and phrases. This can result in bland copy that feels soulless and have the quality of a mass-produced, cheap product.

Using a paraphrasing tool in this scenario is really helpful and efficient. Since they can rephrase and rewrite the copy using different words and phrases, they can remove that cheapness from the copy. This also has the added benefit of teaching the writer more words and phrases that they can use in the future.

So, essentially a paraphrasing tool is also playing the role of a teacher. It is teaching by example. Just reading the rephrased version of a copy can give the writer inspiration and a better idea of how to write more effective copies.

Of course, paraphrasers are not infallible, they can make occasional mistakes. That’s why writers should not blindly put their trust in tools and take the time to proofread their results.

2. They Enhance Readability

Copywriting is used to entice the readers into taking actions favorable to the brand. For that to happen, the reader must be able to understand what is being asked of them. That can only happen if the content is readable.

The problem arises when copywriters have to write on similar topics many times. It becomes progressively harder to write unique copy. In the end, writers turn to complex words and phrases to write uniquely.

This situation can be effectively handled by using a paraphrasing tool. There are a variety of tools available online and they come with different features. Some tools allow you to rewrite your content while making it easier to read.

Hence, copywriters can make their relatively difficult-to-read content easier to read. Tools that have the option to improve readability usually have other modes as well. One nice thing to know is that such tools are usually free as well.

An example of a paraphraser making text more readable can be seen below.

It can be observed that the reading difficulty drops and the rewritten version is sufficiently unique as well.

3. Paraphrasers Can Rewrite in Different Tones

Copywriting can involve behavioral targeting. In which case it is necessary to write in a tone that matches the context well.

If the product to be advertised is something serious like a pacemaker, then you will never use a joyful, happy tone to write about it. Your tone would be leaning towards reassurance and seriousness.

In the same vein, if the people who are being targeted are elderly, then the tone would be much more formal.

Just like how there are paraphrasing tools that can improve readability, there are also tools that can change the tone.

If a writer feels that their work’s tone does not match the context well, they can run it through a paraphraser. Some paraphrasers come with specific modes that change the content tone to specific tones such as formal, casual, relaxed, etc., etc.

Employing a tool in this situation saves the writer from the hassle of rewriting themselves, not to mention the time saved is nothing to scoff at either.

4. They Make the Content Unique

Writing unique copy is mandatory for copywriters. Reused copy has terrible performance. That’s because people get around a lot on the internet, and they can usually identify if they have read something before.

If they do not find content that is unique, they usually do not entertain it and move on. The situation is not any different with copywriting. Just ask yourself, if an advertisement seems to be using the same punchline and CTAs as another advertisement, would you click on it?

Most people wouldn’t, and that isn’t good for a copy’s performance. If only a small amount of people are reading the copy, it will result in very few lead conversions.

Paraphrasing tools are very adept at making copy unique. In copywriting, stating the same thing using different words is very effective. The human brain is wired to detect patterns, that’s how most people detect reused content.

But if that pattern can be changed by using different words, then it will feel as if it’s new. Some tools allow users to increase the percentage of words they would like replaced. This enables writers to effortlessly make their copies unique.


Copywriting is a very effective marketing technique. Copywriters are people who have to create enticing and attractive copy for advertising. They have to write a lot and have to deal with similar concepts and topics on a regular basis.

They can improve their copywriting by using paraphrasing tools. These tools can help in a few ways such as suggesting better words, enhancing the readability, making the content unique and converting content from one tone to another.

Employing these tools effectively can save copywriters from expending unnecessary brain power.

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