The 4 U’s Copywriting Formula

The 4 U’s is more than a copywriting formula. It’s an incredibly useful checklist for writing strong copy for almost any application. It’s a powerful, versatile copywriting formula that all writers should have in their tool kit. What is the 4 U’s Formula? The 4 U’s copywriting formula was developed by entrepreneur Michael Masterson, and … Read more

The FAB Formula Explained

The FAB formula is one of the most powerful copywriting formulas for selling a product or service. Along with the AIDA formula, it’s one of the most frequently used formulas in sales and marketing, because it is so effective and useful in so many sales applications.  What is the FAB Formula? The FAB formula stands … Read more

The 3 Whys Explained

As part of our ongoing series on copywriting formulas, today I’m explaining the 3 Whys formula. However, the 3 Whys are so much more than a powerful formula for creating compelling copy. The 3 Whys are also a great tool for exploring strategy, defining goals and focus, and finding the meaning behind your work. The … Read more

The AIDPPC Copywriting Formula Explained

If you need a copywriting formula that is proven to increase sales and conversions, consider the AIDPPC formula. Invented by marketing copywriting master Robert Collier, AIDPPC can form the foundation for your sales copy, and for your entire sales strategy.  What is the AIDPPC Formula? AIDPPC stands for Attention, Interest, Description, Persuasion, Proof, and Close. … Read more

What To Look For In A Copywriter

what to look for in a copywriter

You need to know what to look for in a copywriter before you hire one, so here’s my guide to help you find a copywriter that is the best fit for you. What Type of Copywriter are You Looking For Copywriting for a sales page is very different to writing, say, product copy or a … Read more

Basic Letter Formats: Which Should I Use?

Letter Formats

When writing a formal letter, you’ll need to use a format. I’ll go over basic letter formats and when you’ll want to use each of them. While the main parts of a letter will usually remain the same, changes in formatting can affect its presentation and professionalism. While letter writing has fallen out of fashion, … Read more

Awesome Places to Find Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

Find Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

It can be tough and time consuming to find paid freelance writing jobs, particuarly when you’re starting out. So I’ve pulled together a list of the best job boards, agencies, websites etc. to help you out. I’ve tried to cover a range of places where you’ll find freelance writing work at different price points, from … Read more