Copywriter’s Guide to Effective Writing

Most paid copywriting work is based on the psychological concepts of persuasive writing, but persuasion is based on the core principles of effective writing. Effective writing is copy that communicates clearly, ensuring the reader gets the intended message. Virtually all writers want to create effective copy, but often think that effectiveness is a question of … Read more

Design Concepts Every Copywriter Should Know

Design Concepts

Whether you are a freelance copywriter working with a designer or a blogger doing everything yourself, understanding some basic design concepts will elevate your copy. However good your content, good design is crucial for it to work whether that be for print or the web. Proximity Proximity argues that designers should group visually similar or … Read more

Write A Guarantee to Boost Your Sales

Write a Guarantee

A guarantee builds customer trust and lends credibility to your company. But how do you actually write a guarantee that works? Most people think guarantee policies are just more complicated refund policies. It can be a frightening undertaking for a business, but the benefit gained from a guarantee far outweighs the risk involved. Let’s go … Read more

Great Tips for Improving Writer Productivity

Writing productively and managing your time well is essential for success as a freelance writer. Freelance writers can get paid by the word, by the page, by the project, by the hour, or a combination. No matter how you get paid, here are the best tips to manage your time and maximize your productivity. Why … Read more

How to Write a Fundraising Letter

I’ve worked with many charities over the years ranging from animal protection to child welfare, and sight and hearing loss. Each charity has its fundraising challenges, but all have the same goal – to engage donors with their stories and campaigns and hit their fundraising targets. This is vital to their work as without funding … Read more